Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dawes at Lee's Palace

The Toronto Urban Roots Festival featured some club gigs which is a great idea. I love seeing bands in small clubs as opposed to a festival setting. Dawes has 3 albums out and there's been a steady progression with each offering. If you like the Asylum Records sound (Jackson Brown, Warren Zevon) you'll probably like Dawes. Taylor Goldsmith is a great songwriter and the combination of warm Laurel Canyon sounds with clever lyrics makes for a solid body of work. Not much filler. They put on a great show. The opening act was the Felice Brothers and a very nice surprise was seeing Craig Finn of the Hold Steady join them during their encore. Craig watched the Dawes show with James Felice at the back of the club.

I pestered Craig for a photo and he was very gracious.

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