Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Soul Revival - Myles Sanko

I've been using Songza pretty regularly for background music at dinner and for parties. They use human curated playlists based on a variety of themes. When you login you'll get a statement like this. It's Wednesday NightPlay music for...  Depending on time of day, a variety of mood/activity options appears with multiple playlists suitable for each. I love music but don't always have the musical IQ to find music that might fit a specific situation. I tend to force my tastes on others but in my defence, the bands I liked in High School have had long careers and some now have satellite radio channels.

I have a weakness. If I see a band with a Hammond B3 and or 3 piece plus horn section, I'm gonna take a long listen.  I've been seeking out the Songza Sweet Soul Revival playlist on a regular basis. Songza uses a Facebook plugin for people to make comments. People are throwing out the names of similar bands and so far it hasn't gotten spammy. That's how I came across UK based singer Myles Sanko. High on You has fantastic vocals, horns, and keys. Hooks aplenty.

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